Tuesday, October 14, 2008

POPH - Patterns of Political Hypocrisy

Pattern 1.

Notice how the Oil companies in the last 10 years have managed to manipulate our political system by lowering the price of gas and oil every two years coincident with national elections? This behavior is so obvious that you would think people and the "liberal" media would pick up on this pattern. This pattern is so clear that the behavior can only be a result of political collusion...nothing else can explain it.

Pattern 2.

Notice how Conservative politicians always derisively refer to the media as "liberal"? Yet, this liberal media has consistently kept quiet over the last 8 years, failing to inform the American people about malfeasance and and gross mismanagement by the Republican administration. The only way to explain this conspiracy of silence is that the "liberal" media is now completely within the ownership and control of Republicans and Conservatives.

Pattern 3.

About 12 years ago, Ralph Reed, the main spokesperson for the Conservative Christian movement vowed, during an interview on television, that they (meaning he and everyone connected to the movement) would do everything and anything necessary to gain and maintain power in the future. It was clear that he, like Hitler, meant exactly what he was saying, that it was not just rhetoric. Notice how since then, conservative christians have managed to manipulate the political system by carrying on cultural war (hyperbolic invective) against all who happen to disagree with their views?

Pattern 4.

Notice how nothing has been done to reverse the ruling on Abortion in the last 8 years, by the Republican Conservative Christian Party. They controlled the political system with fear of terror and having done so have established the Fundamentalist Doctrine as the State religion. Yet, their silence on the Abortion issue, one that has created the strongest and most vehement political rhetoric in the last 20 years can only mean that they intend to maintain the Abortion issue as a divisive and strident issue in order to manipulate the people into keeping them in power. Where stridency and divisiveness rule, people are easily manipulated.

Pattern 5.

Notice how Republican politicians manage to deflect criticism when they are caught wrongdoing? Like reptiles, they seem to grow a new tale when the tale they are sporting is shown to be a lie. Bush, Cheney and Palin seem to be experts at growing new tales. The only explanation for this behavior is that they are being carefully coached as to what the new tale is supposed to look like, and the "liberal" media allows them to grow the new tale by reporting the new one as the real one. These Christians were clearly playing hooky when the lesson taught by Jesus, when he warned: "Let your yea be yea and your nay be nay!" and the Commandment: "Thou shalt not bear false witness" were being discussed in Sunday School.

Pattern 6.

Notice how everything which is uttered by anyone who professes to be a Fundamentalist Christian Conservative is unassailably true, and how anyone who disagrees with them are labeled "liars" and "terrorists"? The only possible explanation for this is that the doctrines they believe in are not true. True doctrines don't need the benefit of vitriol to become accepted, rather, they only need gentle and constant repetition until the truth behind them becomes painfully obvious to everyone. It is important to remember that Fundamentalist Christian Conservatives ran the Inquisition in Europe centuries ago and the Catholic church still hasn't recovered from that nonsense. The only difference between then and now is that they used the terms "heretics" and "witches". Furthermore, Fundamentalist Christian Conservatives also ran the Salem witch trials and the witches were always the "Liberals".

Pattern 7.

Notice how those who sport their patriotism on their sleeves, always seem to hate and despise those whom they call "damned Liberals"? Don't they realize that the word "liberal" means one who values freedom (from the Latin: liber = free)? Has the true meaning of patriotism been changed to mean: gun toting, poison spouting, self-righteous, ignorant, selfish, self-serving strutting arrogance? Was there a meeting I missed where this definition was unanimously approved?

Pattern 8.

Notice how the angry man who railed recently against the Democrats as wanting to turn this country into a Socialist country, during a Republican rally for John McCain, would never accuse Bush of being a Socialist even when Bush is advocating "nationalizing" (a socialist behavior if ever there was one) the banks in this country that are failing. Republicans advocate a strictly free market system and as such should stick to those principles even if it means driving this country and the entire world into a depression, just as Herbert Hoover did in 1930. Otherwise, they are hypocrites. Lets call a spade a spade. Let their yea be yea and their nay be nay.

Pattern 9.

Notice how quiet the Conservatives are when their Conservative President, for the last 8 years, has taken what was a thriving economy blessed with a balanced budget, thanks to Bill Clinton, and has force that economy into the toilet with wars based on lies, with spending into the trillions (which, because the ruling Republicans refuse to pay the bill for all that spending by raising taxes, means that our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will have to be taxed into poverty for the privilege of keeping the Republicans in power over the last 8 years), and with a pattern of gross neglect where matters of the general welfare are concerned (Administration ignorance, neglect, and mismanagement following Katrina)? Clinton was brought up for impeachment for lying about sex. Why has Bush not been impeached for lying to the American people, when the lives of thousands have either been destroyed or ruined because of his lies? Again, the tales we hear drop off and the "liberal" media dutifully supports the new tale. And now!!!! Almost a trillion dollars in new unplanned spending (which is another word for borrowing or for printing worthless money) has been approved or is being proposed to bail out criminally run banks, insurance companies, and mortgage companies. Meanwhile, members of the Republican Conservative Christian Party excoriate anyone who suggests that ordinary American citizens deserve affordable medical and dental care or that they should get government assistance with their burdensome mortgages, by calling them Socialists, Communists, spendthrifts, taxers, and wastrels (among others). Clearly, these people are neither republicans (because they advocate rule by dictatorship of only one manifesto by any means), nor conservatives (because they no longer believe in prudence in government), nor christians (because they identify themselves more with hate and fear than with love and compassion), nor party (because what is going on now isn't very much fun).

Commentary: Perhaps what we need now is a healthy total meltdown of the world economy...a good old fashioned depression...in which multimillions of people are without jobs, millions of people lose their homes and livelihoods, more die from suicide because of hopelessness, and billions starve to death or die from plagues and disease. That is true conservatism. Maybe we need to return to feeding "liberals" to the lions to satisfy patriotic American bloodlust in the pursuit of self. Maybe we need to return to honest human sacrifice, like the Aztecs and Mayans practiced, instead of our dishonest human sacrifice for politically expedient wars over oil reserves. That would be true conservatism...because at very least it would not be cloaked in hypocrisy and would be getting back to the reality of the "good old days". Then we could all watch it on Reality TV on Fox.


Elatia Harris said...

You're calling it, all right. Blog on -- thanks!

Robert Hill said...

Bravo, Keith. Try sending it as an op-ed to the New York Times, who knows?